March 31, 2010

Comments on the lecture on MLE

Posted in Philippine Education at 11:13 pm by updced

Taking Educ 100 led me to discovering the term Multilingual Education (MLE) and how it works. When I heard the first lecture about it, done by Sir Agcaoili, I saw a big future and hope for our educational system. I was able to connect Educ 100 and my other class which is Intercultural Communication; and started to understand what is missing with the country’s system such as the education.  We lack cultural awareness and we are afraid or we don’t know how to embrace our own culture. The colonial mentality is still embedded within us; and we are afraid that digging and making our ancestral identity part of us would only make us less than the western countries. I believe that MLE would serve as the guiding light that would give us a hint of hope… of something to look forward to. The idea was so inviting and it made me excited when I first heard it; this is the same feeling felt by the audience of every lecture I attended regarding the use of mother tongue as MOI. The founder must continue this crusade for better system and education and must make sure that this light won’t die. Push this because there are lots of people who would believe in this; who would support this. Just believe and keep fighting.


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