March 30, 2010

Hope in the Majority

Posted in Philippine Education at 9:35 pm by markleyvillarin

The Filipinos have always been craving for knowledge and wisdom. We are a nation of tribes who have been proving our intelligence and creativity for many years. The world has seen it and so did we. And we continually innovate and give our best in everything that we deal with. Are these words applicable to all Filipinos? I could say yes, I could say no.

It does not apply to all, but thankfully, it applies to the majority. Not the majority that others see as those who are in the center or those who are in the position. No, they’re just few. By looking around the people who sell on the streets, the people who ride the jeepneys and sing for money, the people who we usually ignore in the society, they are the majority. And they have acquired and shown creativity and wisdom. Yet, they are poor and marginalized. Something has been missing. Yes, they study. But, the ways of our education is not enough.

For many years, we have been seeking. We are seeking for solutions to address the problem on education. We have found those solutions, yet not completely implemented. There will always be people who would use their own interest and hinder us to progress and show our real potentials. To think that these people are few and they could stop us? That’s what they made us think. That is why our potentials are being limited.

Improvise and innovate. These are some solutions that the people who cared for their people were doing. And these are the educators. Sadly, there are still a lot of those educators who have stopped innovating and caring. They have been going with the flow of the system. But I believe that this had been in the past. More people are going out of their boxes and wanted to make a big difference. They bear in their minds that their people do not deserve to have limited talents, knowledge, wisdom and skills. We deserve the freedom of developing our body, heart and minds in limitless ways. Since we all know that learning should be continuous, creative and critical.

Through studying the Philippine educational system, my thoughts have been proven that we have found the solutions, the only problem is, their only on papers. On the other hand, there have been a lot of torches that have been lit for the country. Why did I say these? Simply because I have seen that the number of people who wanted to apply those solutions is growing. They may not be on the higher ups but since we are all part of the education and we are all part of this country, we really count.

The people I have met and seen who wanted change could really make it happen, because we are the majority. I have found out that a lot of positive things were starting. May it be in the early childhood education, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education, and even alternative education, the projects have been moving. Though it may be late, at least we are seeing hope. All of these have been clear to me because of the course. Not only the things that should be done for the students but also for the educators to develop more effective learning environment in this country.

There is still hope. There may be hindrances but we are greater than those things. There are millions of potentials to be unleashed not only individually moreover as a whole. The majority will be cared for. Soon, the majority will be working all of the solutions for the education and their future generations.

-Markley Villarin


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  1. I agree with you that this class has proven to be a stepping stone towards empowerment and growth. A question then, for yourself, based on what we’ve learned and have been exposed to, what do you intend to do to contribute towards positive change as a student and future educator?

    My fear is that despite the gravity and importance of what we have learned we may slip into apathy.

    Grabe na ‘to.

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