March 27, 2010

Philippine Education System: An Eye Opener

Posted in Philippine Education at 5:27 pm by stwepi

I’m not really good with blogging and words. In fact, this may be one of the first few blogs I’ve ever done in my life. Nevertheless, sharing my views and opinions on things that are essential could get this place–this system we’ve been locked in–somewhere.

Contrary to what people think, taking up Education and wanting to be a teacher is NOT a degrading decision to make. It’s neither something I’m ashamed of, nor is it something I deny. I want to be a teacher. I want to teach. I love kids–whoever they are and wherever they come from.

Being a teacher is probably the second hardest job after being a homemaker (aka housewife). Moms (or dads) who stay at home, cleaning, taking care of their kids, running errands, teaching, disciplining, fixing the house, cooking, and all those other stuff, work but never get paid. It’s a 24/7 job. Nothing could ever compare to what they do.

In the same way, teachers are second moms (or dads)–just that they aren’t in a house. The school becomes a second home for all the students. Teachers are given the biggest responsibility of making sure that their students learn at the same time grow up to be children with character. And no, they don’t just stand talking endlessly about things that their students don’t even understand or care about. Or at least that’s how it SHOULD be.

In our Educ 100 class, my eyes were opened to all the numerous rules and laws on education and teaching in general. Definitely, it is not just the students who have rules. The question is, do schools, teachers and students follow these rules and laws?

Schools should be places where students are able to learn and maximize their full potential; learning, mastering then applying what they learn. Do all schools in the Philippines really want their students to learn? Are the people in position there to help the students? Are external factors students have to go through considered?

There are a lot of things wrong with the system of education in the Philippines. There are things we can control, and things we can’t. What matters is what we, as students and future teachers, citizens of our country, could and should do. You can’t really just sit and complain. We can do something.

Will you?

“Ang kabataan ay ang tanging pag-asa ng bayan.” – Jose Rizal



  1. lorlorloryourboat said,

    I think everyone, not only teachers, should put learning at the heart of education. Educating people is not just giving them books to read and notebooks to write on. Education is giving them something they could hold onto wherever they go, whoever they become. It is making them equipped to face the world on their own, using what they’ve learned to change it for the better. 🙂

    Btw, I would like to share what my friend told me about that famous line of Jose Rizal. She said, “Hindi ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan. Hindi lang sila, kundi tayo rin.” Tayong lahat na nandito ngayon at kayang baguhin ang bulok na sistema, tayo ang pag-asa ng bayan. 🙂

    • updced said,

      that was thought-provoking, loreen.

  2. jonibee said,

    true people will always wonder why we UP students would want to waste our degrees educating children. and like you steffi i feel no need defending my decision to be a teacher. besides who would those people rather have teaching their children, right? only good people must teach – those creative enough to work around the system. and i believe that’s how most of us here in this class would leave our mark.

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