March 27, 2010

Nicole Cuevas- Philippine Education Based on a Highschooler

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I am a freshie. Soon to be a sophomore, but that’s not the really point.

I am in a way a fresh graduate from highschool, who is still trying to adapt to the culture of the tertiary level of education. I have not mastered the college way of thinking yet.

Only in Educ 100 have I learned to view Philippine Education in such a critical way. Before, I was just happy that I had good grades in school and enjoyed the company of my friends. The issues about education that I was just concerned of  were just so personal. Did I pass an exam? Is there a class when a typhoon is reported to be inside Philippine territory? Does our school have to give excessive classes to the extent of Satuday classes? How will I deal with the unfair judgement of a teacher? How will I balance everything that is asked of me in school?

Those were the usual rants of a highschooler.

However, thinking that way is not really that bad. Inclined with the topics in Educ 100 that we have discussed, thinking in a “fresh” way opens up a lot of good views. I am opened up to a lot of new things that I never knew, but I tend to look everything in a different way than the usual.

Starting from our very first topic in Educ 100, the difference of schooling and education, I have found it really informative. Schooling, being defined as learning within the structured building, limits the possibility of alternative learning experiences. But alternative learning is not at all that bad. Not bad at all.

I have a friend who was homeschooled since gradeschool until highschool. She is doing very well in college now. Even though she has not experienced the environment of learning with other people, she developed her own set of strengths. Even though some people believe she might have lacked social life for years, I view it as a good experience for her in self-realization and being independent. She learns things her own way and pace. And she is saved from the common sin of students cheating just to pass. School has emphasized too much that a good grade is a big determinant of success. Ask any highschooler, and they would admit that they have cheated at least once in their life.

Moving on the topics discussed in class, History is presented to have made a big impact in the decline of Philippine Education. We Filipinos have been way too submissive to authority for years, that we have developed that trait even now. Our educational system is also confused of the number of colonizers we had. But that is history. What more can we do about it?


I view history as changeable. Should a student learn to conform to a teacher’s lie just because he has the authority?


The same goes with our country’s history of education. We must find a way to correct things that has passed to alter the future. A suggestion I have is that we look deep down inside our history, inside our hearts, and externalize the pure “Filipino Education” nature. We were not savages as we were thought of before. We were civilized and had our own system. If we learn to embrace what have worked well with us before, then we can climb up from despair and make a difference.

The two next topics discussed were the reforms and the levels of education which both tries to help improve our system. But sadly, they are not completely actualized. I have studied in a private school for twelve years. How shocked was I to see the harsh reality of what education really was in our country. Students drop-out of school because of poverty and teachers leave the country because of brain drain.  This leads our country to incompetencies. However, there is still hope. If students, teachers and the government cooperate and work together, we can make a difference. Actually, one person can start the making of a difference as well. I have seen this happen in our fieldwork in Educ 100. What might look like a requirement in a subject to some, if only looked in a better perspective, may actually be an improvement in the making. We just have to be optimistic yet also realistic in viewing things.

Technically, I am not a highschooler anymore. But my mind is still fresh. I view things in a different perspective. But I am proud of that. It makes me see education in a way that is my own. And it makes me grasp the fact that if a highschooler can believe of a difference, why can’t someone older do the same? It is not yet late. We can make a difference.

Cuevas, Ma. Nicole Gayle D.


BM Music Education


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  1. updced said,

    Nicole, I am sure you will teach music and more. Those are profound thoughts for a freshie! keep at it…

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