March 27, 2010

Is there Hope?

Posted in Philippine Education at 5:30 pm by Aymin Landrito

In our ever shrinking world due to globalization, international competitiveness has such become an issue that corners every living citizen in our planet. The need to invest in a strong education has become an ever more relevant factor to leverage a person’s fighting chance against society’s harsh realities. The Philippines, much more like any developing country in the world, is in dire need of education reforms. More than any words can express, the education sector is inundated by numerous setbacks that it would take eternity to enumerate each one. But what is more remarkable is the cyclical conundrum that our education system has been involved into. More than restructuring, what the system needs is a major overhaul.

It is safe to say, the Philippines being part of any global concords, has been making fair efforts to solve these persistent problems. Among the few of this includes the numerous points stated under the Millennium Development Goal on education and BESRA to name a few. We can say that the Philippine government has a roadmap on where it wants to lead the education sector. But what is lacking is the integral form of change that can reassure that these plans are being implemented. As stated in the 5th key reform thrust of BESRA, DepEd is the key player for implementation of policies. What we need is a catalyst, in some form of person, organization or even an event that can dramatically change the landscape of Philippine education. Those who are in the position must be willing to take risks for making the system efficient. The Philippines is not alone in this fight, there are several organizations and global donors who are willing to give aid in reengineering the sector. Providing more scholarship grants to poor families or even the government increasing the allotted budget from 12% to more than 20%, perhaps are plausible options that can help bring reforms to the education system. Competency is a very delicate matter that one may lose everything if not given the right chances.  Realigning the system to meet with global standards would mean a better future for young Filipinos. Let us not destroy the dreams of our youth by providing sub-standard education. Let us give them a fighting chance to have a better life by giving them better than education that will serve them as a tool in building a better life.

Philippines has yet more to improve. Looking back on the history of Philippine Education, we have been free from our colonizers but it appears our foundation is weak. Who do we blame? We cannot pinpoint who are responsible for having such system. All we can do as future teachers is to perform our jobs well in educating minds to produce critical thinkers and put our hopes that change will do happen.

—-Ma. Blesmin “Aymin” Landrito



  1. maraquino said,

    definitely, there is hope! as future educators, we just have to be creative and work with what we have. as i always say, we can always blame our long history of colonization and corrupt government, but wouldn’t it be better if we start asking what we can do about it? we don’t have to be the messiah of the educational system. a little act of service is all it takes to reform the system.

  2. kimberly Franco said,

    yes there is hope…basta we (Filipinos) should not trust what we can do, but what He (God) can do.. Siya lang naman talaga source ng lahat.

  3. very much agree with the comments above, walang mangyayari kung makikisabay tayo sa mga taong walang sawang maghanap ng masisisi kung bakit ganito ang sistema ng ating edukasyon. Wag nating isipin na bilang mga guro’t nasa pinakamababang level ng sistema ng edukasyon ay wala tayong magagawa. Ang totoo’y mas makapangyarihan tayo sa mga matataas na opisyal ng Kagawaran ng Edukasyon dahil tayo ang araw araw na humaharap sa kanilang mga kliyente, ang mga mag-aaral. Gamitin natin ito upang itama ang mga mali’t patuloy na buhayin ang pag-asa ng tunay na pagbabago. At siyempre, wag nating kalimutan na sa lahat ng ito’y kasama natin si Lord. Siya ang pinagmumulan ng lahat ng ating lakas at kakayanan. Kaya natin to!

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