September 9, 2009

Tippy – Mula sa Puso.

Posted in Philippine Education at 6:31 pm by updced

I wouldn’t say that I am a writer. Well in fact, this is one of my weaknesses. In the duration of the time given for us to make a simple blog about anything on education, almost everyday I stop and think what to write about. Writer’s block: this is what I have experience. Until today, this blessed rainy day……. I came to realize something….something that would be very essential to life.

In Educ 100, what have we been talking about?

We started off with the difference of schooling and education. Wherein we realized that we are all confined in the notion that a diploma is equal to your actual knowledge and is the basis of a man’s capacity to work. One fallacy we have to take out of our system.

Then we went on with the history of education. This is where we recalled the very messy systems of education injected in out society. From prohibiting acccess to education to the medium of instruction to the language used to the teachers, the shift from one system to another definitely gave the Filipinos back then confusion in what culture should they live with or abandon.

After which, we talked about reforms…..only in paper. We have a lot of reforms but sadly, they are not completely actualized.Even though the power is already decentralized, the system still clings on the tradition in where they can take advantage of the connections they have.

Through the discussion of the early childhood, elementary, secondary, and tertiary education, my sheltered past in a private school was opened to the harsh reality of the present. For the first fourteen years of education, I thought I was already living the hard way with all the requirements, assignments, projects, exams, papers, events, and the list goes on. And back then, I thought high school was going to go on for eternity. But what have I learned now? There are teachers who tamper on test results. There is a high acknowledgment of connections to those in higher positions. There are actually students who can’t last in school because of poverty or because they can’t understand the lesson taught in English. There is at most three shifts happening. Comfort rooms do not give comfort. Some teachers sell goods to the students. Students walk kilometers to school with an empty stomach. Incompetent students are produced because of incompetent teachers. And I could just go on and on. In the end, what we have in hand is a rotten system.

I have wanted to become a teacher since I was in grade school. The things a teacher does amazes me. I want to give and share the same magic that has been sparkled to me. I know in my heart that this is what I’ll do great in. This is where I can make my mark. But with the bold negativity the systems has, I can’t help but think to myself………….. “Gusto ko pa ba pasukin ang sistemang matagal nang nabubulok?”

I do want to make my mark in education. But will I not be a part of this system that is almost hopeless? Will I just contribute to the problems the system already has? Or can I ALONE make a difference?

Amidst all these fears, a leap of faith is what I will do.



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