August 30, 2009

Alex – Alternatives

Posted in Philippine Education at 7:09 pm by updced

A diploma defines a person’s status in the society. Without it, a person can be considered as nothing more than a savage. Sad, but true. Who can apply for a decent job without, at least, a high school diploma? No one. But with only about less than 20% graduates in our Philipine records, how does the 80% of our “unschooled” people get work? There is one quick solution: fake the diploma and become an instant graduate of the school of our choice. It is a very despicable solution, and yet, when one is desperate and needs to feed his and his loved one’s stomachs, it might be the only way.

Poverty is a major problem and our government launches programs to create mor jobs for the Filipinos as a reaction to it. But, maybe, it is not the solution. There may be a lot of available job vacancies but there may not be a lot of “educated” people suitable for it. And I believe that the solution lies right there.

I am quite amazed to learn about non-formal and informal types of education, and I believe that it is the key to a more progresive country. We should not strongly rely on formal schooling to educate our people. There are many ways to learn, appropriate for one’s learning styles, and these could be used for the betterment of our educational system. TESDA’s programs are as such. Their alternative ways for education is much recommended for those who cannot afford or is unsuitable for normal schooling.

Just a few days ago, I saw a poster of TESDA’s programs and scholarships. It is a good start to publicize and let the public know about these alternatives, and yet it is not good enough since the poster involved politics. Nevertheless, Filipinos should know about them because it will greatly help them in their education status.

If I were to go back in time and had taken alternative path of education that is being introduced today, I believe that I had made use of my years more wisely. Quality education does not necessarily mean more years of education. It can be achieved with best resources, adoptability to learning techniques, love of knowledge and passion for learning.

Gene Alexis Vizcarra


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