August 27, 2009

Aries – Not as simple as that…

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Standardized exams… What do they mean? Well, these are the exams that show data of the learning of the students for the whole academic year. These exams show the improvement of a certain student.

It all starts from the diagnostic test. This test, from its name implies, it is used to diagnose you of your previous learning. Then, here comes your progress test to measure your learning halfway at the middle of the term and finally, the summative test, the sum of all your learning throughout your year level.

And what do these tests imply? These tests also show the performance of the teacher and thus a better result will also imply his effectiveness in teaching. What more, is that better results imply that the school is a better school than anyone else. And so on… But, isn’t it too intriguing that all these reports have positive results?

For our class, we all know that these results are being manipulated to get a high remark. The most important test is the summative test, and thus, manipulating the results of this test is a very common knowledge and act of the teachers and their superiors. But, at some point, they got stuck at a dead end. Why is that? Because the scores exceed the total number of items if they insist of doing so, if not, it will result to a 100% score.

But what is uncommon to us is that, is that these cheatings start from the diagnostic results. Teachers and/or their superiors, lower the result of the exam to make a great margin of score to accommodate the score for the progress test. And if the progress test results may seem too high then, they again lower this result of the progress test for the same reason as the diagnostic test.

But then again, why are they doing this? Cheating in order to make their image look good? What about the welfare of the students? Are we just going to put that information to them that they are doing well because the school is having positive results on these tests?

Yes, bitter is the taste of the truth if the students know that their results are being altered. But they have all the rights to know what their standing is. Well, if they are doing fairly, then it is good. But, if they are worse that needed some cheating to make their score look good; at least tell them that their score is just this much. And maybe, it will enlighten them that they need to study and work more in order to be better.

Education is not something about the scores; it is about what is learn. No matter how long or hard it may take, it what matters most.



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  1. updced said,

    BITTER, it is.

    Firstly, a little honesty wouldn’t hurt.

    If only these people will start to accept the fact that their students are doing poorly and that the teachers and supervisors themselves have shortcomings, then maybe we can change that I to E.


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