August 26, 2009

Joy Ann – OPEN your eyes…

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The topic that really shocked me through all the problems in the Philippine education, is the tertiary education. I guess I can relate to it more, because I myself am a college student and it affects me and the people who are in this level of education greatly in a negative way. And I got a chance to look at it in a deeper perspective because it was the topic of my report.

I hate the fact that education is being used as means of making money, making a group of people rich.

Education is a right not a privilege. It is supposed to be accessible for everyone. But nowadays because of the country’s desperation to earn money, education is being privatized to people who can afford it.

They have turned something moral into something immoral. What I am trying to point out is that being a teacher, imparting knowledge to other people is a very moral job. But because of what is happening right now the real purpose of education is somewhat lost. education is now being used as a tool for the owners to gain financial reward rather than the feeling of you have taught somebody and it changed their lives. No that is not the case today in tertiary education. If you are willing to spend a lot of money for education you get the best teachers but if you are the kind of person who has just enough when it comes to education you would only get average teachers and if you have no money at all to spend for education you also get no education.
don’t you see how sad this is, this harsh reality that education is just another way of getting rich and that we are helping them. we the students and even the teachers are helping them continue this horrible thing, because we allow them to overprice our education to place unnecessary expenditures in our tuition fees and the teachers help in promoting this in a way that they are not doing anything.

We are not doing anything. We choose to be blind by this fact that in order to get the education that we need to survive in this world we have to pay, lets stop being blind and start opening our eyes to what is right. Let us help the government open their eyes to this, to this torture that they are enforcing on us. Because lets face it we need them, we need the government to open their eyes for them to help us change this awful event that has been happening in our educational system for several years.

Let us all open our eyes to the truth that education in our country is being abused and it is not being utilized for what it is, for what is its real purpose in our lives and that is to diminish ignorance by learning and imparting knowledge in use for our improvement and our survival in the world

Joy Ann K. Kiocho



  1. updced said,

    Money is indeed the root of all evil. Corruption really affects the quality of education in our country. I agree that there should be an end to the overpricing of fees especially in tertiary level.

    Karisse Legaspi

  2. updced said,

    There’s really a sad truth in our society today that education, the very foundation of our nation’s productivity and knowledge, is being turned to businesses whose main goal is to gain profit. And we all know that running a business means minimizing costs and maximizing profits. And in the case of the school, this only means hiring the least qualified teachers, equipment, and facilities, and imposing a very high price and fees. See the sad picture? What you get is really what you don’t deserve! Education is really not just a privilege, but a right. We have the right, as the written laws say, for free basic education, not to unjust privatization of education!
    Let’s stand for what we really deserve.

    Nuqui, John Stephen M.
    08-36101, BS Econ, UPSE

  3. updced said,

    it is truly disappointing that the government is not “doing” its best (from our point of view) to support the education system. Especially the state universities. What more is that, as for now, these state universities act as “price ballancer” for the private school. What does it imply if the government didn’t support our state universities? Their tuition fees increase and what more, private universities’ fees will sky rocket and thus depriving our people of their basic rights to be educated.

  4. updced said,

    Kahit ang ating sariling pamantasan ay biktima rin nito.

    Hindi ba’t ang lugar na kinatitirikan ng TechnoHub ngayon ay ating pinauupahan upang kumita?
    Ang dapat sanang lupa para sa karagdagang buildings ng unibersidad ay nagsisilbing business na rin.

    Maari bang sisihin ng lubusan ang administrasyon ng UP?
    Parehong OO at HINDI.


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