August 26, 2009

Jerome – Tales About Books

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by jerome relente
“Pick a book that is your weapon.” I remember Professor R. K. Laurel of CAL, saying this line in our CL 151 class. I absolutely agree with him.
Book, indeed, is the backbone of Philippine Education. Well, I used the term “backbone” because as what this body part does to us, book supports the education.
Children start loving oral literature from story books. They begin their formal education from little books of ABAKADA. They develop their habits of doing their homework by getting answers from their textbooks. There is no doubt book has a big impact to education.
What alarms me most is the fact that textbooks used to teach the students are not properly chosen.
A friend of mine who is working as a lay-out artist in a publishing company knows the ropes in publication textbooks. He knows the controversies surrounding the system. He confirms the copyright and grammar issues about the Vibal Textbooks which, sadly, are widely used by Public and Private Schools.
Some selections in the book, particularly in English, are adopted. The authors don’t even give an effort to cite their sources. How will now the readers know if the stories they’re reading are credible ones and not plagiarized?
In addition to this, the reading selections are also westernized. They are told in a Western culture. How can now these selections promote nationalism in the students’ minds?
My cousins used books published by Vibal and I have no wonder why they don’t pay attention reading those books. We cannot blame the students if the materials they read, such as comics and magazines, are “not academic” because the textbook they use are more “unacademic”.
The examinations the students take, be it diagnostic, periodical or collegiate, require reading for comprehension’s sake and not reading for publisher’s sake.
The DEPED board who chooses the textbooks must know this:
By developing the student’s comprehension through quality books that promote nationalism, they develop the larger part of the student’s learning.
Well, I’ve got three words for those sitting in the board.

Baki Kaya Ako “Failed”
Jerome Relente
I Ako’y nakapagbabasa
Si Ina yung guro ko noon
Kaya ako’y Top 1.
II “Si Pagong at si Matsing,
Sila’y dating magkaibigan…”
Ang sarap magbasa.
“Ako ay si Pepe. Ako ay Pilipino”
Ang sarap isulat
Ng tunay kong pagkatao.
III Hanggang ako’y dinala
Sa school
Upang makinig sa Lessons
At gumawa ng Homeworks
IV “Jack and Jill went up the hill…”
Ha? Sino si Jack? Sino si Jill?
“Albert Einstein was a ….”
Ha? Sino si Albert?
Bakit kailangang isulat
Ang biography niya?
V Photosynthesis is process where
Plants blah….blah….”
Ha? Di ko nagets.
“Food chain is a series
of blah… .blah….?
Di ko maintindihan
Si teacher.
VI Ang alam ko
Ang sabi ni Inay
Dahil sa tubig
Dahil sa araw
Gumagawa ng pagkain
Ang halaman.
Yun siguro
Ang photosynthesis.
Buti na lang
tinuro ni inay.
VII Ang mga hayop raw
Kailangang magkainan
Para mabuhay.
Baka iyon ang food chain
Buti na lang
Tinuro uli ni inay.
VIII Bigayan na
ng report card
hala puro palakol
ang grade ko.
Haay…sabi ni teacher
“You failed!”
Ko naman iyon.
Masakit nga lang.
Pero mas masakit siguro
Kung sasabihin niya,
“Bagsak ka!”
Matatatak kasi
Sa isip ko
Kung ang wika
ay Filipino.


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