July 24, 2009

Legaspi: Competitive Philippine education?

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AFTER a thorough research on the country’s educational system, big horns found out that our educational system is outdated. Their study discovered that schools produce incompetent and non-competitive products.

They also discovered that our graduates are half-baked compared to their counterparts in the European countries. They also discovered that graduates are inadequate in their use of the English language. They also discovered that college graduates or those in the work force are a year or two younger than their counterparts.

The study recommends that the Philippine educational system, to be at par with other educational systems, must adopt a 12-year international standard educational system and forego with the 10-year system. In the study, it claims that only Philippines and Botswana are the only countries maintaining the 10-year educational system.

How to go about the 12-year system? It’s either adding a year in high school and in grade school. This would be the most ideal thing to do. However, there was a proposal not to touch the basic education anymore but to add a year more in the tertiary education or college.

There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, there are a lot of college students who cannot finish the 4-year course in the specified time. However, it would now be mandatory to really enroll in a 5-year degree program. This would mean more expenses for the parents and the students.

My malicious mind is now telling me that this proposal will cut down the expenses of the government for a free basic education. The burden will now be passed to the parents and the students. The government is now washing its hands over its duty to give free education. Instead, it will pass on its burden.
Now, I see that age is more important than knowledge. It seems that to be competitive, one has to be of age and not knowledgeable of the things around him.

Actually, I do not believe in higher academic degrees. It is not in the number of degrees one earns but rather the knowledge he gets in attaining such degrees. One subscribed to the required duration of the program but has grown only in age and not in wisdom. This is a problem.

A story was once shared to me by a speaker that there was an old woman who continued her education even at the late 80s. She discussed things with her professors like an ordinary teen. She debated in the classroom and sought for the application of knowledge to her daily life. One day, she did not attend her class. The professors missed her annoying queries. Soon, news broke out in campus that the old woman has passed away. But before she died, she wrote that if she was given the chance to live her life again, she would spend it outside school for she has learned more in her walks home than the useless things that her professors discuss in the classroom.

The moral of the story is that there is a need for more practice and application in our educational system. We have to accept the fact that we have learned more during our summer vacation than in the lectures.

My daughter, who is now in grade 4, told me that instead of feeling humiliated as one of the top speakers of the dialect in school, she felt proud of her title. She told me that it is better than getting the title as best speaker of English. She commented that she felt ashamed of her classmate to receive the title as best speaker of the English language, for that classmate of hers does not know how to communicate in the local dialect. Although, she gets very high grades in English, she feels that there is no need for her to use the language in ordinary life. But, when needed, she really communicates well and has even a wide variety of vocabulary.

SunStar Bacolod -11/21/08

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  1. Junicynth Agon said,

    Adding two more years of low quality education won’t solve anything and will just be another burden on the parents’ shoulders. I agree with what Ma’am said in our discussion today, we need a group/a voice that will advocate for a BETTER QUALITY education. Sometimes common sense isn’t too common so we still need to voice out what we think is the right.

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